Our Service

Our Service: The People You’re Looking For

We know that a lot of you dread having to use agencies, and only do it as a necessary evil! We’re confident that when you use us, we will dispel the myth that all recruiters are charlatans!

Although there is no real mystery to what we do, there are a number of factors we believe really do make us different to a lot of other agencies:

  1. Our Managers are extremely commercially savvy and understand the financial needs of your business.
  2. We are equipped to service high volume recruitment needs – there really aren’t any jobs that are too big for us to fill.
  3. We have a reputation for servicing business needs quicker than our competition.
  4. We are able to offer preferential payment terms, unlikely to be matched elsewhere.
  5. We’re prepared to turn down a job if we don’t think the brief is realistic; we won’t waste your time, or our candidates’.
  6. In our first 12 months we grew to £1M turnover and 12 staff, with no finance or investment so we must be doing something right!

Having promised you no clichés, we hope you will forgive us just this one – because it’s a fact.  We genuinely operate as an extension of your business, with a 2-way flow of information.  We offer considerably more than most agencies in our sector.  We are always happy for our clients to use as as a sounding board, and with our depth & breadth of specialist knowledge we are often able to offer practical advice.  For us, it isn’t just about filling a vacancy.