As a business, we are still evolving.  No doubt we will always keep evolving.  We never want to be prescriptive.  We never want to copy anyone else.  We just want to be us.

That’s partly why we didn’t do the whole “corporate” thing and set out a list of values when we first opened our doors.  They have gradually emerged as our journey has unfolded.  We started to realise there was some definite common ground in the people who work in the business, and in the way we all work.  We now recognise our TSR values to be:


All of us at TSR understand that trust has to be won, and should never be taken for granted.  One of the best measures of the trust placed in us by our clients is the level of repeat business they give us – they trust us to do a good job.  Trust must also be won with our candidates; without them we wouldn’t have a business, so we never take them for granted.  And last but not least, we must be able to trust each other, as a team; it only takes one weak link to let down a whole side.  We take this very seriously.


Success means different things to different people.  At TSR, success means happiness.  It means that we make sure our clients are happy by delivering service excellence as standard.  It means that our candidates are happy with the quality of jobs we find them and with how we treat them.  And it also means we are happy as a team; happy with what we do, how we do it and the results we get as a result.  It is another very simple principle to work by.  And it works for us!


Respect can be such an easy term to use, but not always so easy to define.  For us, it means valuing everyone’s contribution, internally and externally.  We treat our clients, candidates, suppliers, colleagues and even our competition, the way we want to be treated ourselves – professionally, and with consideration.

These values underpin everything we do and are the reason for our success.